Shedule Solution

The backbone of the idea:

Purpose: to increase a channel share without increasing expenditures.

Process: We analyze the broadcast schedule and the audience measurement data (if there is any), offer a number of changes and substantiate each such change.


After the approval of changes we prepare the plan of purchases for a new broadcast schedule.


How to increase a channel share without increasing expenditures?

Our solution consists of 2 inalienable processes:

  1. Working with the broadcast schedule. Analyzing the audience measurement data and the broadcast schedules of the channel and its rivals we offer a number of amendments and, if so, substantiate each such change.
    Along with the channel we improve the broadcast schedule, making it most effective. This provides channel share increase as well as allows completing some specific tasks as audience accumulation by news broadcast.
    Soon thereafter we hold a weekly conference with the channel on the broadcast scheduling and key takeaways of the previous week. This work is important for the systematic broadcast scheduling and response to the tactics of the competitive channels.
  2. Purchasing. We help to form procurement policy based on the new broadcast schedule and slot economy, as well as directly carry out the purchase of content.



Increasing channel share without increasing expenditures on content.

Case study: STV Channel
(national Kazakhstani channel)

Before: Continual decrease of the channel share from 1.6% in January 2011 to 0.59% at the end of September 2011.

After: In February 2012 the channel share became 1.89%, showing an increase of 220%! It was the absolute maximum for 2011-2012.

Case study

Gallup media measurement data, entire Kazakhstan, 6-54


We propose to implement the complex model of optimization of the broadcast schedule above said upon the following terms:

  1. The primary analysis of the broadcast schedule and the audience measurement data with a listing of the problems and the proposition on a broadcast schedule improvement — free.
  2. The current broadcast schedule analyzing and correction (including weekly consultation on Skype) — free.
  3. The complex purchase on an exclusive basis — on the current price of a TV channel.