We are lucky bustards! We’re making the business we love: to select the content, to support TV channels with programming, making all slots work efficiently. We love going on markets, holding 20 meetings a day, getting back with tonns of catalogues and screeners.

What can be better than a feeling of successful delivery of complex task and when, due to our input, channels share grows? Or when you receive sincere acknowledgement from your partner? As Master Card ad says “There are things which you can’t buy”.

Get on board, you’ll love it ;)

Management of the company

Igor Malachevskiy
Working in media business since 2002, in 2006 joined Channel One Russia as a Head of Content sales, in 2008 founded and headed the distribution company.

Alexey Tsaregorotsev
Working in content distribution since 2009, acts as COO from 2010.